7 June 2021
  • Added listener statistics
  • Reorganized front page
  • Admin feature: Able to ban songs
6 June 2021
  • Artists are better indexed now (Eg. songs made by multiple artists)
  • Added a LOT of new tracks
  • Made searching on artist page more convenient with searching with wildcard (* character) (thanks SamSmexy for the idea!)
3 June 2021
  • Added last played songs on front page
  • Better song end-fading
  • Detect broken songs and don't try to play them
    Previously only the user sample was played, now nothing, all skipped and flagged as broken in the application
  • Hide broken songs in search lists
  • Added more text on login and registration pages
  • Fixed bug with queue going from random to sequential mode
  • Made queue mode visible on front page (random/sequential)
  • Added custom phrase on front page during playback
2 June 2021

First release!

Initial feature list
  • Register/login system
  • Able to queue music
  • Text to speech phrases generated for every user, and able to add a custom phrase in the queueing process
  • Album art integrated
  • Admin functions: Disable registrations, change queue type (random/sequential), change queue limit, open/close system, delete queue entries
Validations before a song is accepted in the queue
  • Room needs to be open
  • Song can't be in the queue already
  • Song is not currently playing
  • Queue is not full
  • You have less than 3 songs queued already
  • The song did not play the past hour